The Dandelions "Bee Happy" Full Length Music CD - 14 tracks

The Dandelions "Bee Happy" Full Length Music CD - 14 tracks

This music CD is a fundraiser for Bee Happy Lands an Organic Lands Stewardship project. To listen to the tracks online you can visit:

Released February 19, 2021

1. I Breathe
2. One Foot
3. The Stars Are Okay
4. Dandelion Ditty
5. Lords and Lordesses
6. Trinity
7. Fire Eyes
8. Waterfall
9. Thank You Water
10. Wind
11. Rain Kisses
12. Free Super Power
13. Papa Earth
14. Eternal and Immortal


Katrina Blair – vocals, guitar, rattle, chimes

Kelly McMenimen - vocals
Ananda Foley – vocals
Rebecca Favero – vocals
Tricia Gourley – vocals, rain stick
Deva Baumbach – vocals, flute
Peach – vocals, guitar
JoLynn Park - vocals
Libby Kirkpatric – vocals, guitar
Melissa Crabtree – vocals, mandolin
Alina Sieber – vocals
Tyler VanGemert- drum
Andrea Hennes – vocals, violin
Eila Lance - vocals
John Thomas – guitar
Jeff Hamner - xylophone
David Lynn Grimes - vocals, chimes, banjo, guitar
Maddy & Lydia Froncek - bass, cahone

All lyrics written by Katrina Blair except:
'Free Super Power' written in collaboration with Libby Kirkpatrick, Peach, and Tricia Gourley and 'Eternal Immortal' written in collaboration with Tyler VanGemert and Kelly McMenimen
Thank you to Gary Lewin, Jesse Shavel, and Doug Eagle for your recording engineering excellence!
Thank you to the angels who gave their magic to this project: Pat Blair, Stephen Harman, Jenny Bird