Wild Weed Truffles (6 in a box)

Wild Weed Truffles (6 in a box)

Wild Weed Truffles are made with organic ingredients: featuring the local wild greens, raw cacao, raw carob, cashews, coconut oil, local honey, spices, vanilla, salt

Wild Weed Truffles are a labor of love intended to honor the
integrity of our wild earth and encourage organic land stewardship. The wild weeds growing around us are plant super heroes providing vital nutrition & medicine, regenerating disturbed land and offering forage for the bees & wild pollinators.

Each box highlights 6 wild weeds with flavors including: Plantain Pine Needle, Amaranth Chili, Dandelion Lemon, Lambsquarter Rose, Knotweed Chai, and Mallow Mint. The spices we use for flavor are also local such as pine needles, mint, lemon zest, chili and roses. Enjoy!