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Local Wild Life Superfood Powders in 4 oz jar 44 grams dry weight (44 servings)

Image of Local Wild Life Superfood Powders in 4 oz jar 44 grams dry weight  (44 servings)


Wild Green Superfood consists of locally harvested wild plants air dried and ground into a fine powder. The powder can be used in smoothies, drinks and other recipes. The local wild greens include Plantain, Dandelion, Lambsquarter, Amaranth, Mallow, Comfrey, Nettles, Elm, Smartweed Greens and Mint. The exact combination of herbs varies seasonally and according to what's locally abundant. These amazing plants are extremely rich in mineral content, enzymes, and chlorophyll.

Wild Berry Superfood C is a powder of dried and ground local wild berries rich in Vitamin C and other nutrients harvested from our local region. Ingredients: dried lemon peel, rosehips, hibiscus flowers, hawthorn berries, barberries, lemonade sumac berries.

Smartweed Root Powder, harvested at the Turtle Community Farm where it grows wild, is collected, washed and dried into powder. The ground root powder is used as a tea (1/2 teaspoon per cup of hot water). It is an astringent and improves the integrity of the whole system by toning and strengthening all the vital organs including toning the gums and teeth. It is a close cousin of the commonly prescribed Chinese herb, Ho Shou Wu or Fo Ti, an important traditional longevity herb. (Currently out of stock until spring)

Smartweed Root Elixir is made with dried smartweed root powder, cinnamon and goji berries to give a little extra flavor to the morning ritual of self care! (Currently out of stock until spring)

Weight: Provided in a 4 oz. jar with 44 grams of powder
1/2 teaspoon serving size (44 servings)

Suggested Donation: $15.00

NOTE: for international orders the superfood powder will be mailed in compostable plastic zipper bag as opposed to a jar to save on shipping costs unless you specifically want it in a glass jar and you're ok with higher shipping costs